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Pursuit your Professional Admission Process!

University and College admission is a long, complex, and time-consuming process. It requires highly specialized knowledge and expertise as well as it needs a DAILY follow-up so as not to miss any required conditions, documents or deadlines. 

With over TEN years of experience in admissions in different countries: USA, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Finland, Germany, South Korea, and other countries, ProTrain works with its various partners throughout the world to ensure a smooth, stress-free admissions process for students and their families.

Our admissions services include among other things:

  1. University Applications through Portals including UCAS, Common App, UC Applications, Cal State Applications, UCAS, Campus France,  Parcoursup....etc
  2. High School application Portals such as Gateway, Ravena, SSAT.
  3. Direct Applications to Universities, Colleges, and High Schools.
  4. Applying for scholarships and financial Aid; including FAFSA, CSS Profile, Canada Fee Exemption Status.
  5. Follow up of admissions for over 10 months.
  6. Making final decisions and registering for the student"s preferred choice.
  7. Registering for courses.
  8. Searching and applying for Accommodation.
  9. Applying for Student Visa.
  10. Traveling.
  11. Obtaining Temporary Residency documents such as BRP and Registering with Police.
  12. Staring courses and follow up during your studies.